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How To Master the Celtic Cross Spread Reading

Reading tarot cards requires more than knowing the meanings of each individual card in the major and minor arcana. You must also learn how to do a spread and to accurately read that spread.

A spread is a particular layout of tarot cards. Readers use a variety of spreads, but one of the most common – and the one we'll be focusing on here – is called the Celtic Cross.

Each spread is ideal for different types of readings. The Celtic Cross works best for providing a general overview of a person's current standing and future. It does not work well for specific questions.

Dealing Out the Cards

Have the person for whom you are doing the reading cut the tarot deck. Instruct them to think about the general questions they have about the future as they are handling the cards – this is important and will help the reading be more accurate.

Now you are going to deal out the cards. The first card is laid in about the center of the table and the second card is laid on top of that card but is turned sideways so you should still be able to see the previous card.

Just below those cards, you'll place the third card. Now going in clockwise direction, you'll place the fourth, fifth, and sixth cards around those in the center. All four of these cards should be lined up with the middle card.

To the right of the sixth card (which should be to the right of the first card) you'll create a vertical row of four more cards. The first of these cards (the seventh in your spread) should be the lowest with the eighth, ninth, and tenth cards placed above it in the row.

The image below is of a Celtic Cross layout using the Waite Tarot deck:

Deciphering the Cards

Each card position in the Celtic cross layout has special meaning. The meanings of these positions combined with the meaning of each individual card will allow you to provide an accurate reading.

· Position 1 – This card represents the basic theme of the individual's problems, concerns, or questions. It provides insight into the asker.

· Position 2 – This card expresses the obstacles which stand in the individual's way. It shows what he or she may have to overcome.

· Position 3 – This card illustrates what the asker is thinking or wanting consciously. Whatever this card says should not come as a surprise for the asker.

· Position 4 – This card shows what the asker is thinking, feeling, or wanting at a subconscious levels. These are things the asker may have been hiding from him or her self.

· Position 5 – This position represents the asker's past.

· Position 6 – This position represents the asker's future.

· Position 7 – This card illustrates the asker's attitude toward the current situation or towards the question.

· Position 8 – This card represents the attitudes of the people around the asker, including friends and family members.

· Position 9 – This card demonstrates either what the asker is hoping or fearing regarding the outcome of the situation.

· Position 10 – This card stands for how things are going to turn out.

Remember that as you are interpreting the Celtic Cross, you must take into consideration the meanings of each of these positions.

Sample Celtic Cross Reading

The best way to learn how to do a Celtic Cross reading is probably to see an example of how the meanings and the positions come together. Using the layout in the picture above, I've done a sample reading to illustrate what we discussed in the last section.

While you probably can't see it in the picture, the Position 1 card is The Moon. The asker is going through a difficult time either emotionally or mentally. He may be afraid of something that he can't put his finger on or may feel as if he is in danger.

In Position 2 is the Ace of Cups. His current happiness or perhaps a growing feeling of love is standing in his way of taking action or in recognizing the source of his feelings of fright. Because the Position 3 card is the Three of Swords reversed, the asker is consciously aware of the feelings of confusion that plague him.

The Five of Cups is in Position 4 meaning subconsciously the asker is feeling regret or disappointment, perhaps he has wronged someone he loves and is worrying about how to get past his mistake or perhaps someone he loves has wronged him or he is afraid they will wrong him. These things will become clearer as we read more of the cards.

The Seven of Swords reversed and the Six of Wands reversed are in Positions 5 and 6 respectively. According to the cards, the asker either received good advice in the past that he did not heed or heard gossip which may have affected his present situation. The other card signifies that his future may be marred by disloyalty or more fear.

The reading becomes clearer when we reach the reversed Queen of Swords in Position 7 because this illustrates that the asker feels as if he has been deceived by a woman. He is obviously in love with someone who has either wronged him or who he believes may have wronged him, perhaps through adultery.

On a positive note, the Ten of Pentacles in Position 8 means that the asker has a strong network of friends and family members who will be supportive of him in his time of emotional upheaval. In this way, the cards show he is wealthy. We also see that the reversed Seven of Cups in Position 9 means the asker hopes he has the will to follow through with what he knows in his heart must be done which is either to forgive the woman or to end the relationship.

Finally, in Position 10 we find the reversed Judgment card. This card shows that the asker must make a difficult decision if he is to be free of the feelings of fear and danger he is currently dealing with.


Doing a Celtic Cross reading is one of the easy layouts to learn, so if you are just becoming familiar with the meanings of the cards this is a good place to start. Just remember as you're deciphering the layout that the meanings of the individual cards must be interpreted based on their positions within the layout. Otherwise, the results will not as accurate as you would want.

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